3D Printed Hydrofoil Ready To Laminate

After a lot of printer time, the Hydrofoil is finally all printed and glued together. The mast, fuselage and wings are still separated for laminating although the mast and fuselage will be laminated in carbon cloth together for strength. The wings will be bolted on so they can be changed if needed.

3D Printed Hydrofoil/Kitefoil

The total weight of all the printed parts is 952g so just under one reel of PLA filament or around £20 worth. Not bad!

I did a few test prints etc, so the total filament used will be a little more. I’ll get the resin and carbon cloth in a week or so 🙂

I want too make sure the designer of this foil gets due credit as he was kind enough to post his foil on GrabCad here, his name is Prof. Michele Fiorentino.  I took his design and then split it into the main part files which I could then cut using Slic3R for my printer.  If you would like these individual .STL files I have made them available here.  If you print at 100% it should be the right size.  I printed 3 or 4 pieces at a time and then glued up using CA glue.

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    1. Hoping to laminate next weekend. Have got some 200g carbon cloth. The surface of the print will need to be touched up a lot to make sure it adheres well.

      We will be starting with the wings and then will decide if we need to vacuum bag the mast or not.

      Let me know how you get on.

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