3DLabPrint Spitfire – Maiden flight, rather spectacular finish

After setting everything up per the instructions there was no excuse but to get the plane in the air (or at least attempt to).

You can view the maiden flight here,

If you watch to the end you will see the rather heavy crash.  It looked pretty mangled but amazingly it was just a few printed parts that needed to be replaced.  The prop, motor, ESC, servo’s etc, were all fine.

I printed the replacement parts over night.  I had run out of grey filament so the replacement parts are all in white.

3DLabPrint Spitfire repaired after the crash

Next time round I will be trimming it carefully.  I’m pretty new to RC planes though, this thing felt 10 times quicker than the foam AXN Floater Jet I started with.

Amazing that something like this can be printed at home.  Kudos to the team at 3DLabPrint for their amazing designs.

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