Laminating the 3D Printed Foil

With too much going on at work it’s been months since there had been time to do any work on the foil. Finally found a couple of free evenings and it’s coming together.

The mast had had one layer of carbon so far and the front and rear wings are laminated on one side.

No vacuum bag so not a perfect finish but not too bad just using paintbrushes and rollers. It’s fairly cold in the garage so it took a couple of days for the resin to fully harden.

Hopefully get the remaining pieces finished and everything done before end of January 2018.

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    1. Looking forward to getting started on the propulsion side of things. We have a SSS motor but no gearbox yet. Interesting to see some designs coming out for jets now.

    1. Sorry for not responding sooner. 200g cloth. One layer seems to be strong enough. The mast is extremely strong with just that one layer. I can put it across two blocks and deflect it a few centimetres with no damage. This was with Cubic infill using PLA.

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