3DLabPrint Spitfire

I have a couple of foam RC planes but the Prusa i3 MK2S came with a set of files from 3DLabPrint for an RC Spitfire.

This seemed like a good test for the printer so I started to print a few of the files.  They came pre-configured for the printer so it was just a matter of adding them to the SD card.

I was using the reel of silver PLA that came with the printer.

Control Surfaces

The files come with multiple parts on the same print, already laid out.

Finished Control Surfaces

The quality of the prints was amazing and the designs by 3DLabPrint have an incredible amount of detail.

Nose Cone
Nose Cone Structure

The nose cone for example has a very complex airframe structure.


The wings have ribs like a traditional airframe and a very thin skin.  There is even a tube running down the centre for the servo leads.

All Spitfire Parts

All the parts were finally printed and ready to assemble.  You just join together with CA glue (Superglue).  The videos 3DLabPrint publish on Youtube take you through the whole construction process.

And finally the plane is done, electronics fitted and ready to fly.  It has just under a metre wingspan.  The tolerances on the parts are very tight.  I had some slight lifting of parts on the bed, mainly the larger wing actions but by adjusting the settings I was able to avoid this although I had to re-print the two larger wing sections.

Finished Spitfire

I added a couple of 3rd party printed parts from users on Thingiverse,

The rest of the components I just used the recommended ones from 3DLabPrint.

I’ll let you know how the first flight went on the next post!

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